Monday, July 27, 2009

Day Camp and Bridesmaids

I realize these two "subjects" don't exactly coincide, but I'm putting them together, anyways. :)
As some of you know, my eldest brother Nathaniel is getting married, and his bride-to-be has chosen Anna and I to be her bridesmaids! She let us pick the style of dresses; the only specification is that we order them in ruby red (to match the blood-stripe on Nate's blues.) Below, are pictures of our choice. I love the style! Never-mind the colours; the actual dresses we buy will be in the desired hue!

Here is a copy of the group picture of our skit "crew." Mrs. N was generous enough to give us a free print. It's not the best picture in the world, but it gives the idea.

(Dana and Robbi; Thursday's craft, I believe.)

Okay, so I absolutely had to put this picture on. Sorry, Nick, but it was irresistible! Besides, CH has threatened (and more unfortunately, will probably carry out the threat) to make a whole scrapbook of my strange [and horrible] I had to put this one on....I can't be the only one with "unusual" pictures.

(SC., another friend of mine; she helped out with the Pre-School this year. She's crazy and fun, like the rest of us, I suppose. :) She wouldn't let me take a very good photo of her, so she's stuck forever with this one!)

(One of the 3rd/4th grade helpers, Becky; and Shayla. Mrs. S [who was taking the pictures at the time] somehow got all of us in very interesting positions while we were playing Funky Basketball!)

(Our "lovable", funny, yet strong-Christian pastor, Dan Hoffman; he's great with kids [and adults, too, of course]!)

(Kenzi and CH; they were "best buddies" for the majority of the camp!)

(CH and I - duh!)

It's going to feel rather dull without camp to post about each day. Of course, I do have a camp I'm going to on August 5th to 9th. So when that ends, I'll tell you all the boring details and such about it that you don't want to know. :) Anyways, depending on who you are, I'll see/e-mail/talk to you later!

- CM.

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