Thursday, February 26, 2009

Small World - Big God

So, last evening, as those of you in the Puyallup/Eatonville area already know, we had a "surprise"-snowfall. It was beautiful - albeit slightly unwanted by some members of my family. :) ... I wrote the following late that same night in a little notebook I keep by my bed.....

"You know, snow is amazing.... It's wo weird, to me, to have snow in late February. I mean, technically, it's still very much winter, but...well, we just had glorious spring-weather...a couple days ago! And yet - here it [the snow] is!
"...Lying awake at night and gazing out at the snow blanketed world, I feel content, peaceful. It reminds me that the God who designed each [microscopic] snowflake, and made it fall tonight, [is the same God who is] still in control!! Yah - even of our crazy world today.

"Somehow, it's easier to remember that in a snow-enshrouded landscape.

"And the white blankets covering the mighty trees seem to to make everything so....small.
"Like things were finally put in their proper place - placed in the right perspective to their Creator."

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I say it to my mother every day. To my dad every time he comes home from work. Every time I sign a letter or send an e-mail to my dearest friends or siblings, I write this phrase. But as of just a couple days ago, I had never said it to the One Who most deserves it - Jesus.
"I love you."

It's amazing how much three words can change a life. When I said those words to my Saviour late one night, it's like my spiritual life radically changed. And a simple "I love you" was the cause. As those words escaped my lips, I felt immediately closer to Christ. It was like He was right there! (Which, of course, He was!) He became much more intimately real. It was as if I was filled with a life-giving wonder and awe. "I love you." .... It's so personal, something that, if we truly mean it, we say only to the truest and dearest and most trustworthy people in our lives - the people who know what we're really like - the ones who know us inside and out.

God is amazing.

He is awe-inspiring.

He is ... GOD!

And not only those majestic things, but He is real....and He loves (think about what that really entails!) .......... me.

Soli Deo Gloria!

I serve a risen Saviour.