Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Day 3 - Past the Half-Way Mark!

I can't believe the week is already more than half-over! The five-day-week always flies by more quickly than I think it will! I am having such fun at camp this year! (I hope the kids are, too. :P)

The skit went really well this morning, especially considering that, as of yesterday, approximately 60 - 70 % of our cast hadn't gotten their lines completely memorized. They all must think I'm like this terrible, go-do-it, pushy-"shovey" type girl - But how else am I going to insure that they actually memorize the scripts? lol (If anyone reads this who's in the skit, my apologies - I'll try to be more lenient from now on. :))

I know I am going in a totally random time sequence while describing "Day Three"...but I'm just typing as I remember things. :) Anyways...

I woke up this morning, and absolutely did not want to get out of bed. It was a gray, dismal, muggy morning. The past two days, I had woken up and felt energized and excited, the weather being sunny, warm...."nice". Today was not such a case! Unfortunately, I had to get up anyway, despite my feelings of opposition to such a thing. And camp was still a lot of fun, even in the misty gray. And, of course, after lunch the sun finished its work and shone hotly down on SonRock Kids' Camp - just in time for the campers to go swimming! Isn't He nice? He even makes the sun shine right when most wanted. I think that's cool, don't you? :)

Again, for anyone reading this, another prayer request.... (BTW, I didn't really interact much today with the girl I talked about in the last post, but at least there weren't any "run-ins" either! Thank you for praying!) Anywho, to the request - that people would be able to memorize the scripts for tomorrow and Friday - the majority of the "cast" doesn't have it completely. Oh dear. :( j/k Prayer in that area would be greatly appreciated! His will be done.

Love you all!

-Miss "Kodmos" (or so a camper named Wyatt calls me....) :)