Sunday, July 26, 2009

Posting as Promised

I'm posting as promised. Aren't you happy? lol

Below are pictures of the people in our skit....

(Ryan and Woody, aka Tucker and Brock, the "Brains" and the Klutz-Sports-Dude, respectively.)

(CH. and S.S., the "disobedient camper" and Walking Stick, the Counselor)

(NP. and CH., Grampa and Jamie; please don't ask me why N's face is contorted in such a manner; it's just that he's, well, N. :D)

( [me :)] and AR., Sami and Ruth; the skit was such fun! Too bad I have that stupid smirk/smile on my face. Yuck. :>)

Directly below is Kenzi; the picture fits her perfectly. She is so hyper! But a lot of fun....I'll miss her, as well as the other campers....I hope everyone from this camp comes back next year! We had a great, great I've said many times before!

Here is my dear and wacky friend, CH.

I think my favourite part of camp was being able to talk (and talk and talk) with CH, RM, and NP. I certainly discovered different "sides" of my friends....and liked what I saw! I mean, heck, we're all pretty "strange" - but it's fun having strange friends, don't you think?

Doodles. I was bored, 'cause I wasn't needed to help with the craft. NP and CH also, obviously, added to it. I did most of the writing; they did the drawing. Such fun. :)

(One of the last crafts we did. A stepping stone type of craft.)

(Ain't we cute? ha! )

(Dana and I; piggy-back-rides were in demand a fair amount on Friday!)

I wish I had a copies of the group pictures (one of the Green Team and one of the Camp); but unfortunately I don't; if you really want to see what we all look like, e-mail Clarice!

I hope and plan - barring any catastrophe, of course! - to help out next year at EBC's Day Camp. To Him be the glory forever and ever!


Soli Deo Gloria

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