Monday, July 20, 2009

EBC's SonRock Kids' Camp, 2009

"Praise God from whom all blessings flow!..."
Although my voice isn't quite back to normal, I am able to speak and say my lines with relative ease. A great big thank you to all of you who prayed....and, obviously, to Christ! He is ever merciful, and kind, and understanding....even with things like this! :)
The first day of camp is was a complete and total blast!! The skit went off very, very well - no one forgot their lines, and there was a lot of laughter (and in the right places :P) from the "audience". I love acting! And it makes it even more fun, 'cause everyone in the skit is a true and dear friend...none of us are "normal" per say, and so our weirdness just enhances the funniness of the skit....I think so at least. :)
The craft went well, too. We made these braided book-mark type things. It was funny, though - since I'm helping out with 3rd/4th graders, none of the boys/girls at my table knew how to braid! So I got to teach them....I'm not sure how successful I was though....I ended up finishing some of the girls' .... and Nick's! (a friend of mine, also a helper). :D
Games were also fun, though it was quite hot! Thank goodness for water breaks!!
Bible Study time went fairly well, was kind of long, and all the kids were tired from running (it was right after games and right before lunch) and the heat, but we survived - and managed to have some fun. :)
It was a beautiful day for camp, and the good weather is supposed to hold for the entire week! (Hallelujah!)
Above are some pix from our day at SonRock Kids' Camp, 2009!!
Love ya, all!
- "Miss Corrie E."

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