Saturday, July 25, 2009

July 25th: Looking Back on the Last Two Days of Camp

Apologies are due, I realize. I meant to post on Thursday, but when I got home from camp, all I could do was crawl to my bed and "zonk out", so to speak. I meant to post on Friday, but I ended up spending the night at CH's. I am terribly sorry. (ha!) Not that anyone cares! :)

I honestly cannot believe that Day Camp is over! CH. and I agree that it feels like Monday night, instead of Saturday night. I mean, I am completely exhausted - emotionally and physically - but I loved every minute of camp, and I'm really sad that it'll be (excluding tomorrow night at the Rally) at least a whole year till I see "my" kids again! (BTW, pictured above, left to right, are Mallory, me, and Dana.)

(pictured, left to right, are NP., Kenzi, CH., and Kayla)

This picture would have been perfect, had not Kenzi turned her face away, and had not Nick scowled. Oh well. :)


Unfortunately, I have to stop in a few minutes. Or perhaps that would better be put as "fortunately". Less time means fewer of my boring notations. :) But seriously, camp was such a fun time! From making "Bug Houses", to braiding book marks, to playing "Funky Basketball", to taking pictures of "Forest/NP getting dog-piled, to leading Shayla and Mikala in a prayer of re-commitment to Jesus Christ....indeed, this week will be one I will "never forget".

I'll try and post more pictures tomorrow afternoon - of crafts/games/"skit people"/etc. See [some of you] tomorrow! Goodnight!

Jesus is Victor

Corrie M.

Soli Deo Gloria

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