Monday, July 27, 2009

Day Camp and Bridesmaids

I realize these two "subjects" don't exactly coincide, but I'm putting them together, anyways. :)
As some of you know, my eldest brother Nathaniel is getting married, and his bride-to-be has chosen Anna and I to be her bridesmaids! She let us pick the style of dresses; the only specification is that we order them in ruby red (to match the blood-stripe on Nate's blues.) Below, are pictures of our choice. I love the style! Never-mind the colours; the actual dresses we buy will be in the desired hue!

Here is a copy of the group picture of our skit "crew." Mrs. N was generous enough to give us a free print. It's not the best picture in the world, but it gives the idea.

(Dana and Robbi; Thursday's craft, I believe.)

Okay, so I absolutely had to put this picture on. Sorry, Nick, but it was irresistible! Besides, CH has threatened (and more unfortunately, will probably carry out the threat) to make a whole scrapbook of my strange [and horrible] I had to put this one on....I can't be the only one with "unusual" pictures.

(SC., another friend of mine; she helped out with the Pre-School this year. She's crazy and fun, like the rest of us, I suppose. :) She wouldn't let me take a very good photo of her, so she's stuck forever with this one!)

(One of the 3rd/4th grade helpers, Becky; and Shayla. Mrs. S [who was taking the pictures at the time] somehow got all of us in very interesting positions while we were playing Funky Basketball!)

(Our "lovable", funny, yet strong-Christian pastor, Dan Hoffman; he's great with kids [and adults, too, of course]!)

(Kenzi and CH; they were "best buddies" for the majority of the camp!)

(CH and I - duh!)

It's going to feel rather dull without camp to post about each day. Of course, I do have a camp I'm going to on August 5th to 9th. So when that ends, I'll tell you all the boring details and such about it that you don't want to know. :) Anyways, depending on who you are, I'll see/e-mail/talk to you later!

- CM.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Posting as Promised

I'm posting as promised. Aren't you happy? lol

Below are pictures of the people in our skit....

(Ryan and Woody, aka Tucker and Brock, the "Brains" and the Klutz-Sports-Dude, respectively.)

(CH. and S.S., the "disobedient camper" and Walking Stick, the Counselor)

(NP. and CH., Grampa and Jamie; please don't ask me why N's face is contorted in such a manner; it's just that he's, well, N. :D)

( [me :)] and AR., Sami and Ruth; the skit was such fun! Too bad I have that stupid smirk/smile on my face. Yuck. :>)

Directly below is Kenzi; the picture fits her perfectly. She is so hyper! But a lot of fun....I'll miss her, as well as the other campers....I hope everyone from this camp comes back next year! We had a great, great I've said many times before!

Here is my dear and wacky friend, CH.

I think my favourite part of camp was being able to talk (and talk and talk) with CH, RM, and NP. I certainly discovered different "sides" of my friends....and liked what I saw! I mean, heck, we're all pretty "strange" - but it's fun having strange friends, don't you think?

Doodles. I was bored, 'cause I wasn't needed to help with the craft. NP and CH also, obviously, added to it. I did most of the writing; they did the drawing. Such fun. :)

(One of the last crafts we did. A stepping stone type of craft.)

(Ain't we cute? ha! )

(Dana and I; piggy-back-rides were in demand a fair amount on Friday!)

I wish I had a copies of the group pictures (one of the Green Team and one of the Camp); but unfortunately I don't; if you really want to see what we all look like, e-mail Clarice!

I hope and plan - barring any catastrophe, of course! - to help out next year at EBC's Day Camp. To Him be the glory forever and ever!


Soli Deo Gloria

Saturday, July 25, 2009

July 25th: Looking Back on the Last Two Days of Camp

Apologies are due, I realize. I meant to post on Thursday, but when I got home from camp, all I could do was crawl to my bed and "zonk out", so to speak. I meant to post on Friday, but I ended up spending the night at CH's. I am terribly sorry. (ha!) Not that anyone cares! :)

I honestly cannot believe that Day Camp is over! CH. and I agree that it feels like Monday night, instead of Saturday night. I mean, I am completely exhausted - emotionally and physically - but I loved every minute of camp, and I'm really sad that it'll be (excluding tomorrow night at the Rally) at least a whole year till I see "my" kids again! (BTW, pictured above, left to right, are Mallory, me, and Dana.)

(pictured, left to right, are NP., Kenzi, CH., and Kayla)

This picture would have been perfect, had not Kenzi turned her face away, and had not Nick scowled. Oh well. :)


Unfortunately, I have to stop in a few minutes. Or perhaps that would better be put as "fortunately". Less time means fewer of my boring notations. :) But seriously, camp was such a fun time! From making "Bug Houses", to braiding book marks, to playing "Funky Basketball", to taking pictures of "Forest/NP getting dog-piled, to leading Shayla and Mikala in a prayer of re-commitment to Jesus Christ....indeed, this week will be one I will "never forget".

I'll try and post more pictures tomorrow afternoon - of crafts/games/"skit people"/etc. See [some of you] tomorrow! Goodnight!

Jesus is Victor

Corrie M.

Soli Deo Gloria

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Day 3 - Past the Half-Way Mark!

I can't believe the week is already more than half-over! The five-day-week always flies by more quickly than I think it will! I am having such fun at camp this year! (I hope the kids are, too. :P)

The skit went really well this morning, especially considering that, as of yesterday, approximately 60 - 70 % of our cast hadn't gotten their lines completely memorized. They all must think I'm like this terrible, go-do-it, pushy-"shovey" type girl - But how else am I going to insure that they actually memorize the scripts? lol (If anyone reads this who's in the skit, my apologies - I'll try to be more lenient from now on. :))

I know I am going in a totally random time sequence while describing "Day Three"...but I'm just typing as I remember things. :) Anyways...

I woke up this morning, and absolutely did not want to get out of bed. It was a gray, dismal, muggy morning. The past two days, I had woken up and felt energized and excited, the weather being sunny, warm...."nice". Today was not such a case! Unfortunately, I had to get up anyway, despite my feelings of opposition to such a thing. And camp was still a lot of fun, even in the misty gray. And, of course, after lunch the sun finished its work and shone hotly down on SonRock Kids' Camp - just in time for the campers to go swimming! Isn't He nice? He even makes the sun shine right when most wanted. I think that's cool, don't you? :)

Again, for anyone reading this, another prayer request.... (BTW, I didn't really interact much today with the girl I talked about in the last post, but at least there weren't any "run-ins" either! Thank you for praying!) Anywho, to the request - that people would be able to memorize the scripts for tomorrow and Friday - the majority of the "cast" doesn't have it completely. Oh dear. :( j/k Prayer in that area would be greatly appreciated! His will be done.

Love you all!

-Miss "Kodmos" (or so a camper named Wyatt calls me....) :)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Hey, ya'll (i.e. anyone and everyone)!! :)

I was going to put a video of our skit on my blog, but when an hour passed and it still hadn't uploaded, I decided to scrap it. :)

Anyway, since there isn't the video, here are some pix from Day 2.


Second day of camp is over.....the week already is seeming too short.... I feel somewhat sad at the end of each "camp day" ... only a few more days, and then I won't see these amazing kids for at least a whole year, if ever again! I hope and pray that each camper comes to know Jesus as their personal Saviour! He is so wonderful to me..... I want everyone to be able to know Him as He is.

I have one really sweet boy in my 3rd/4th grade group (bottom picture; left side). He's funny and sweet and... oh, I don't know - but he would probably top my list as "Favourite Camper of the Week".... Though honestly, I suppose we aren't supposed to have "favourites" - but you know what I mean, don't you?

For anyone who reads this, I would appreciate prayer in one specific area - there is one female camper in my group that --- well --- causes me frustration, to say it simply. I won't go into any details, but pray for patience and understanding for me - as well as salvation for her. Thanks!

I'll keep ya'll updated on how things go on Day 3 at SonRock Kids' Camp!!

Monday, July 20, 2009

EBC's SonRock Kids' Camp, 2009

"Praise God from whom all blessings flow!..."
Although my voice isn't quite back to normal, I am able to speak and say my lines with relative ease. A great big thank you to all of you who prayed....and, obviously, to Christ! He is ever merciful, and kind, and understanding....even with things like this! :)
The first day of camp is was a complete and total blast!! The skit went off very, very well - no one forgot their lines, and there was a lot of laughter (and in the right places :P) from the "audience". I love acting! And it makes it even more fun, 'cause everyone in the skit is a true and dear friend...none of us are "normal" per say, and so our weirdness just enhances the funniness of the skit....I think so at least. :)
The craft went well, too. We made these braided book-mark type things. It was funny, though - since I'm helping out with 3rd/4th graders, none of the boys/girls at my table knew how to braid! So I got to teach them....I'm not sure how successful I was though....I ended up finishing some of the girls' .... and Nick's! (a friend of mine, also a helper). :D
Games were also fun, though it was quite hot! Thank goodness for water breaks!!
Bible Study time went fairly well, was kind of long, and all the kids were tired from running (it was right after games and right before lunch) and the heat, but we survived - and managed to have some fun. :)
It was a beautiful day for camp, and the good weather is supposed to hold for the entire week! (Hallelujah!)
Above are some pix from our day at SonRock Kids' Camp, 2009!!
Love ya, all!
- "Miss Corrie E."

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Prayer Request

Hey, ya'll!
If anyone reads this, I would appreciate prayer concerning my health. I've had a strange 'cold' the past few days - not too horrible, but enough to make one feel slightly under "100%". Then last night to this morning, it this morning I couldn't even talk. I would really appreciate prayer that, if it's Christ's will, I be better by brother's fiance is coming up tomorrow afternoon, and Fri.-Sat. I have a birthday party I'm attending, and this coming week I'm helping out at our church's Day Camp and am in the skit....which means, I have to talk. Anyway, may God's will be done. And Lord, help me to be patient, and to trust You - for everything. Thy will be done.

Soli Deo Gloria

Jesus is Victor,
Corrie M.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

"Sunset Beauty"

Just another of my pictures....I love photography, and hope to invest in a more "high-tech" camera soon....I just have to work up the "guts" to spend that much money. :)

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

After reading an article in my hometown's newspaper, I felt led to write the following....depending, it either makes me furious, or causes me to weep, seeing how blind our generation chooses to be....

A beating heart,
a working brain,
moving hands and feet.
I was one.
You were one.
All pass through this stage.
And yet,
despite the point-blank facts,
who outgrew the womb,
now sit in the
highest judgment seat -
to someone else's life.
A "fetus"?
Is that how we excuse
tearing apart,
limb by limb,
a living, breathing, moving
For that is what
abortion does
to any
O, we great big children
of this old and ancient world,
do choose to act like spoiled infants;
we love the toy
of sex,
but only wile the "Fun" lasts.
The repercussions are too much;
a child
we cannot handle.
So throw the thing away!
Still use the toy,
but never dare
stoop and clean
our mess.
How can we sleep at night,
finally we realize,
that what we did,
had it been but short weeks later,
would be classified
as heartless tabloid murder?
A face...
staring up at me...
gazing happily at bright and brilliant colours...
A laugh...
Gurgles and giggles
and tiny plump toes;
All images
that forever will haunt me;
The images that might have been memories.
The toy
is not bad of itself,
but how we use it
determines its worth -
it's seeming
or "bad"ness.
Can we stand id'ly
while our world
stumbles along,
its own self apart?

Does wanting the sex
excuse the killing
of a
A being complete with

working brain

beating heart

and moving hands and feet.

by Corrie Morgan; 2009