Sunday, August 16, 2009

WFR 2009

When I realize what a task of updating lies before me.....well, let's just say it's going to take a while to download all the photos and explain to y'all everything that's been going on these last two weeks!

I'll start with the info about Washington Family Ranch 2009; then I'll move on to my camping trip with the Hunter family; all of this may end up being in two - or more - different posts, as there are a lot....believe me!....of photos to sort through. And so I plunge into the swirling sea of memories!

Okay, I'll admit it....that last line was dumb, I realize; but I'm not exactly in a Shakespearean mood at the moment. :)

WFR was exceedingly fun! Correct me if I heard the numbers wrong, but I think there were like 642 kids at the camp during our week! It was very crazy and very, very loud, but since I like being in extra-big groups at times, I enjoyed myself quite well - as, I hope, did the others. We arrived at the Applebee's parking lot in Puyallup around 7:30 am on Wednesday morning, where we got our bags loaded on the bus[es], got our temperature checked, [and we Eatonville girls] received a wonderful little "goody-bag", compliments of Mrs. Babcock, I believe. The drive was, of course, l-o-n-g....and a wee bit loud, too. But still fun!

It was so wonderful to drive over that last hill (and o! how many brown, brown hills there are in Eastern Oregon!) and see green!! The camp was absolutely beautiful, with mowed and watered acreage; truly an oasis in the midst of a dry and barren desert! They had a man-made, heated lake - which contained an inflated "ice-berg", a "log", the blobs, etc. They also had a well-kept, fairly large, luke-warm-ish swimming pool, a zipline, hills to climb (more on that later), a fitness center with weights and climbing walls and volleyball courts and pretty much everything else you can possibly think of.

Food was delicious! From breakfast sausage to green salads to spaghetti to ice-cream pies to cookies to steak, one couldn't complain.

"Round-Up" (group time in a big auditorium/covered-stadium-style room) was, as everything else at WFR, extremely loud, a bit "different" at times, and, well, great! During Round Up, which occurred anywhere from 2 - 3 or more times a day, we watched a couple skits, played a few games, sang songs, and listened to Kent Williams (and excellent speaker, BTW!!) talk about Jesus' love for all of us, and our desperate need for him, and heard some real, and poignant, testimonies from four of the camp's staff.

I could go on and on, but will save you all from boredom. Instead, I'll start posting pictures, so you can see, instead of just reading about, what our life was like at Washington Family Ranch, Wyldlife/Young Life Camp 2009!

Just a note, these pictures are in a rather random "order" - not in correct time sequence, that is. I'll try to explain a little about each "set" as I go along. :) Enjoy!

This is the "Eatonville Guy Group"; why the extraordinarily strange outfits? It was Rock-Star Theme Night on Saturday evening. I still think Eatonville had the best outfits of the entire camp!!

Eatonville Girls; we had so much fun coloring our hair! Hot pink and neon green - great, huh!?!

And then one big group picture of Eatonville's contribution to Theme Night.

LN.; our lovely and accomplished hair stylist! :)

L and I; ain't we beautiful? (as in ha ha ha.... but was "crazy fun" anyhow! :D)

AB. and RC.; L and I both think R should do his hair like this more often; well, the spiking, not the coloring. :)

Me (duh), CH., and SC. Don't you think S's hair, apart from the red and green hues, looks good this way?!? We tried to convince her of it, but I'm not sure she believed us.


Oh the memories! A bunch of us climbed the hill pictured above; to say the least, it was very, very, very, very steep - especially after you got about half-way up. It was fun - but my knees were a wee bit wobbly from the descent when we finally reached the bottom again.

Even the picture doesn't quite adequately portray the incline, though almost. And you can also see the contrast of the beautifully green camp to the equal, but different beauty of the rocky brown slopes.

Except for Mrs. B. - who was taking the picture - this is the group who made the trek up.


The rest of the pictures I think I'll simply categorize as miscellaneous. Easiest way to do it. :)

Kurt being his normal wacky self; he's wearing one of my cabin-mate's jackets. Nice fit, don't you think?

Christine; a girl our whole cabin befriended. She was a lot of fun, and lent us some awesome neon shades of eyeshadow for the "Rocker Night"! :)

Late-Night Pool Party.....just about everybody piled into the swimming pool. It was a little crowded, to say the least.

CH. & CH.; sibling rivalry. :)

My cabin; all of us Eatonville girls ended up in one cabin; it was really awesome to get to know the other girls better.

The Eatonville group, once again.

Those are just some of the pictures from WFR, and some of the experiences; a lot was packed into those few days! If you want to know more details, just e-mail me. :) I'll try and post again soon and tell y'all about my camping trip with the Hunters. For now, the thought of staring at the computer screen for another hour or more is just not very appealing. :>


-C M.

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