Sunday, September 20, 2009

"[Did] the Puyallup" [Again]

Saturday was supposed to be cloudy and rainy and cold all day......Much to CH's and my surprise (though a definite "good" surprise), it transformed into a beautifully warm and sunny morning and afternoon. Once again, we "did the Puyallup". We didn't actually go on any of the rides; instead we walked around and shopped practically all of the booths. lol We were there from the time the fair opened until approximately 5:30. We both agreed we could have left at about one or two o'clock and been perfectly satisfied. :) Ah well.....we walked around the whole fair about 5-10 times, and got very, very sore legs and feet. I was so stiff after we got home......sad, I know. And then we couldn't find the place where we were supposed to meet our ride. So we walked literally around the whole outside of the fair + , and ended up being half an hour late to our ride. Yah. Fun. :) And of course CH likes to tell it like I am the one solely responsible. Ha! She was the one holding the stupid map for 75% of the time we were wandering around.
Anyways (:P), here are the very few pix we took......

The Extreme Scream (which actually doesn't look that frightening. :) )
NP and RM were invited to come along with us girls, but didn't actually end up coming. The latter party had a legitimate excuse; the former came up with a silly and completely lame one. :) Anyways, CH and I decided to come up with all these fun and exciting things we did, and take "photo-evidence" of our exploits so they'd think we had a better-than-fantastic time and wish they had come. Anyways, here all the rides we didn't do, but wanted the boys to believe we had. lol

The Bungee Jump thingy (lol)

The ride you can take to view the whole fair from a bird's-eye point of view - actually it's really boring. :P

Here's a scarf I bought; and stink! I meant to get a picture of CH's amazingly pretty skirt she bought, but I totally forgot. Nuts....

Resting our very, very tired feet......ow......

Ditto (same as above).

CH with her incredible snakes. lol

The End

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