Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Our "Night Out"

So, as you can tell, I went a "vee bit mo'e" than a day, or even a week, to post about my August camping trip with the H.'s. And sorry to disappoint any of you who were interested, but I have finally decided to not publish the photos after all. :) I know; I'm fickle. But that's the way it is. (Isn't that a great way to look at life?!? :) )
Be that as it may, I am going to post pictures of my Friday "sleepover". I had two of my dear and good friends, MW and HE., over to my house that say the least, "sleep"over is such an oxymoron! Unfortunately for my parents, Friday was also the night that my brother opted to have a LAN party in the garage with a gazillion of his friends; I'm not sure how much sleep Mom and Dad actually got! I love my parents! They're such great sports; we turn on all the lights, play movies at top volume, giggle and scream and run around the driveway, take endless numbers of photos - with the flash on of course - at 2:00 in the morning, and things like that - and they don't yell at us or tell us to go to bed or whatnot. :) Wow. Amazing parents!
For you two who were involved in the picture taking, don't worry; I won't post every picture we took - some are definite blackmail! Though of course, some pictures, blackmail perhaps, may very well end up on Facebook. MJ, don't get any ideas. :)
Anywho, here are the promised pictures...

Wow - aren't we amazing? :)

Best of Friends....

MW in "The Pose"

All of the above were taken somewhere between midnight and 3:00 am; craziness! :)

Next Morning:

We were supposed to be "gangste's" but it turned into more of a hobo look. :) So there's my hobo/gangster pose. :D

It's something like the toothless granny look; just don't ask. lol

No specific pose here; just our usual strange-ness.

Aren't they cute? :) I thought it was such a great pic.!

The End!


  1. Ya'll definitely look more hobo than gangsta ;-D And where'd you get all those cool hats? I LOVE hats!

  2. I love hats too! H brought them. :) I know - our gansta' look failed utterly! You should have seen the pants I was wearing! lol
    Love ya, sis.