Friday, September 11, 2009

"You Do Look Wonderful"

Another short story.......

"You Do Look Wonderful"

"I'm playing dress-up!" she giggled; her eyes crinkled delightedly; her mouth widened into a happy, albeit toothless, smile. The Home's assistant glanced up, and he laughed delightedly, as he beheld the childish joy of his ward. The old woman's gray hair was matted and thrust out in varying directions, giving the elderly lady an absurd appearance. Bony, gnarled fingers playfully twirled a purple hat bedecked with countless crimson fluffs. Orange bands looped onto a string of fraying yarn wrapped around her wrinkled neck. She was showcasing a 1920s "flapper dress"; mismatched pumps; hot pink knee-highs; and shattered cat-eye glasses. Clunky old-fashioned earrings swung back and forth, softly tapping her cheeks as the elderly woman tilted her head to the side in a teasingly coquettish manner.....

The assistant, amused, looked the woman up and down, cheerfully exclaiming, "You look wonderful!" Suddenly, his eyes caught sight of brilliant red. Tears immediately began pricking at his eyelids. Silk gloves, long stained with memoirs of little girls' tea parties, were crumpled in the old woman's hands. A wave of memories wafted over the man's mind.... He sighed quietly, then turned resolutely toward the old woman once again. He bowed teasingly, "May I have this dance?" The old woman giggled. As the two swayed slowly across the floor, the young man whispered, "You do look wonderful, Mother."
by Corrie Morgan

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