Thursday, September 17, 2009

I like writing depressing short stories/descriptive essays.....they're ever so much more fun to write than happy endings....Yah, weird, I know. Anyways, here's one of my little pieces....slapped together in about O, probably 20 minutes or less. Enjoy (ha!).

Her hair slapped against her face, as the angry wind gusted in wild furies, slowly subsiding into a low, mournful howl. Standing at the edge of the towering precipice, she stared through expressionless eyes at the graveyard far, far below. Swirling clouds wrapped around her ankles, threatening to enchain her and cast her into one of those solemn graves. Directly below her lay freshly turned soil, crowned with a dreary slab of dark, cold stone. It was a stark reminder. Next to this sepulcher leaned several more desolate markings, whose inscriptions were barely readable, sanded away by long years of exposure to the elements; scraggly, dry grass struggled through the crevices. Farther on, a rocky downhill slope began, tiredly stretching out toward the horizon, as if it wished to die and be buried itself, the winter grayness finally and mercifully enveloping it. Into this lifeless world the girl had entered, and received no hope of ever departing.
by Corrie Morgan

Such a cheerful saga, isn't it? :) I don't really have such a depressing world-view, but it is fun to write such things! (hmmm, wondering about my sense of enjoyment??)

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