Monday, September 7, 2009

The Promise

Hey y'all! I simply felt like posting one of my pieces of writing --- I wrote it less than a year ago, probably less than six months ago, really. Unfortunately, I didn't type a date on the piece, so I can't tell you exactly when. Not that anyone really cares. :)
Anyway - here it is.....and if there be any thanks or praise, give the glory to God alone...........

The sun's rays spiraled their way down among the trees, glinting off the tiny droplets of water which still clung tenaciously to the branches. Long-fallen leaves carpeted the brown forest floor; a floor which stretched on and on, finally melding into the shadowy horizon. Not a single bird chirped, not a single sound disturbed the air; yet a sense of peacefulness pervaded that solemn sylvan place. As I gazed quietly at that beautiful landscape before me, an irresistible urge welled up within my heart. Tears stung my eyes. Impatiently, roughly, I brushed them away, determined not to let my emotions control me this morning. ... Almost afraid to intrude upon that peaceful arbor, I hesitated. Finally, closing my eyes, I willed myself forward. The leaves crackled softly beneath my feet. The cool shadows now enveloped me, and I turned back once more. From this distance, a stranger would never have known what that bluish square on the horizon was. But I was no stranger; I knew. It was home. Home. That one word held so many horrible memories. Recent memories. And present problems. Problems no teenager should ever face. Tearing my mind away from all this, I commanded my legs to move. Right. Left. Right. Left. Mechanically, my body carried me deeper and deeper into the wood. I halted abruptly. A voice. Rigid, alert, I listened.... Once again, that voice - unmistakably clear - whispered softly. Suddenly, fresh waves of emotion swept over my figure. Trembling, I fell to my knees, tears coursing down my cheeks. Thank You, Thank You... were the only words tumbling through my mind. It was the promise. This was the answer to my prayers. I knew now what course I would have to take. It would be a longer sojourn than I had wished for, but I knew now that I was forgiven. Undoubtedly, the trials ahead would be extraordinarily difficult. But I was reassured - my Redeemer lives.... Shaking, my fingers closed around the appointment card. Its fragments soon lay scattered on the forest floor. I had asked. He had answered. My child would live.

by Corrie Morgan

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