Saturday, November 21, 2009

A Story....

Heavens, I looked at the date on my last post, and it's been since like -- ever -- that I've been on here! =) I know I've posted this on FB, but for the benefit (?) of those who don't visit it, here's a short story I wrote not too long ago. If there be any glory, praise, honour, may it be His.

The cold wind nipped at my shoulders as I hurried down the steps toward my car. Pausing, I looked back to see my mother and father, brothers and sister, still standing on the porch, still waiting. Smiling, I waved, "Goodnight! Love you all - see you on Sunday!" I punched the unlock button on my key ring, and slipped into the cold interior. I turned the key and pushed down the gas pedal, honking the horn as a final farewell. What a glorious evening it had been! I couldn't believe Christmas had already come and gone. The years sped by so quickly. As I drove past the hills and valleys I knew so well, I glanced upwards, noting the unique beauty and sparkle of the stars that night - perfect crystals on a velvety background.
If I had known what I was about to encounter, would I have been so nonchalant in my goodbyes to my family? If I had known, would I have gazed so fleetingly at the great God-given beauty surrounding me?
But I didn't know. How could I?

Pushing the dials upwards, I shivered in spite of myself, grateful for a car that heated quickly. A long drive awaited me. Bored already, I flipped on the radio, scanning the channels for some last strains of holiday music. These country roads were lonely and dark; music was an excellent alternative. But I was too engrossed in my selection. I wasn't paying attention. Suddenly, without warning, my car started to spin out of control, and too late I realized that I had hit an ice patch. I was frantic. All reason flew my mind, and I grabbed wildly at the steering wheel. It was no use. As I careened toward the edge, I could only whisper a panicked prayer. Then all was darkness.

A burst of light. Strange sensations of being lost, yet still familiar with my surroundings melded together to create one big question. Where was I? The last I remembered, my car was spinning out of control on a dark, icy country road. But now? I studied my surroundings. It was like nothing I'd ever seen before. A beauty indescribable filled the room - or whatever I was within - reflected by the intricately woven and graven designs, the mere pristine sparkle of the place. Then I turned around. Immediately, I fell to my knees, trembling. The Person I saw did not need to say His name. I knew. I was in the presence of - Him! Amazed, humbled, even frightened, I dared not lift my head nor scarcely breathe. Him. Not a word passed between us. Then, suddenly, I felt a sickening sensation come over me. Dread, guilt, humiliation, fear - something I'd never experienced before. Still not daring to stand in His presence, I stole a glance to the side, immediately ashamed and revolted by what I saw. How did he dare to stand in His presence? Again, no name was needed. I knew instinctively. He appeared clean and holy, but such a repulsive odor escaped his garments, such a deceitful, evil countenance showed through the mask, that there was no doubts that this was - Satan himself.

A Voice said my name. "Stand up, child."

I stood, my head still bowed.

"Satan, you who were once called Lucifer, what have you come here for?"

"My Lord, You know, of course."

"Answer Me!"

"You have received a new one into this judgment room of Yours. It is my given duty and privilege to stand here and condemn her. You, of all, know how vile and ugly and horrid she..."

"Silence! I will make the judgment. Show Me your accusations."

With that, I glanced to the side, and shrunk in horror as Satan hefted a huge scroll into his arms and slowly unrolled it. Tiny print, going on for seeming ever. As he began reciting, I realized that this - this was my life. Every single sin I had ever committed, from the day I was born to the day that I - died - must have been written down! Tears readily coursed down my cheeks. I, who called myself a believer, was guilty of all this? This is what I had done? I was guilty and deserved to go to Hell. The very admittance of that made me tremble and shake with such trepidation, such as I had never before known. I sank to my knees, too ashamed and humiliated to stand before Him. I wept at His feet. Expecting any moment to hear His voice say, "Take her," and to feel those grimy hands dragging me away, I gave up all hope and let my tears flow freely.

What happened next cannot be explained.

After ages, Satan finished reciting my life's sinful deeds, and looked smugly up at Him. "She is guilty; You cannot deny it. Sin has no place in Your holy house, remember? She cannot pay the price now. She is mine!"

But then His voice, powerful and mighty, "Away with you, Satan! I have already paid the price for her. Her sins are completely absolved. She is Mine, not yours. Away with you!"

Suddenly, the evil presence was gone. I looked up in wonder - not at His face, no, but at His feet. And for the first time, I saw the scars.

Then, in a Voice gentle and sweet, "Child, why didn't you remember and believe? I paid your price. I gave My life for you - freely. You are Mine. Yes, you sinned - but that is all forgiven and forgotten. You are My child. You have done well. Well-done, good and and faithful servant. Now, trust Me. Enter into the joy of your Master."

My tears started afresh. but this time from the purest joy. I looked up. Finally, I saw His face. Such wonder and awe and glory were written there! And I could see it; I was allowed to see His very face without fear of punishment. I was absolved; I was purified. I was His.

"Jesus!" I cried.

He leaned forward, sweeping me up into His arms.

My Father.

My Saviour.

My God.

Soli Deo Gloria

By: Corrie Morgan
November, 2009

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