Thursday, February 26, 2009

Small World - Big God

So, last evening, as those of you in the Puyallup/Eatonville area already know, we had a "surprise"-snowfall. It was beautiful - albeit slightly unwanted by some members of my family. :) ... I wrote the following late that same night in a little notebook I keep by my bed.....

"You know, snow is amazing.... It's wo weird, to me, to have snow in late February. I mean, technically, it's still very much winter, but...well, we just had glorious spring-weather...a couple days ago! And yet - here it [the snow] is!
"...Lying awake at night and gazing out at the snow blanketed world, I feel content, peaceful. It reminds me that the God who designed each [microscopic] snowflake, and made it fall tonight, [is the same God who is] still in control!! Yah - even of our crazy world today.

"Somehow, it's easier to remember that in a snow-enshrouded landscape.

"And the white blankets covering the mighty trees seem to to make everything so....small.
"Like things were finally put in their proper place - placed in the right perspective to their Creator."

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